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  • #Eimaste1 aka #WeAre1 in…action!

    OMÚ’s first teacher training has concluded with resounding success, covering all 5 Subject Areas of #Eimaste1. Our pioneering and holistic curriculum for primary schools supports children in developing social-emotional intelligence, and can prevent violent behaviour and antisocial encounters.

  • What is #Eimaste1?

    A new academic year,  With #Eimaste1! And… Critical thinking Cooperation Empathy Respect       Based on UNESCO’s 4 pillars of education and with recognition as UN Good Practices (helping to achieve the SDGs), #WeAreOne…

  • We are hiring

    We are hiring: could you be our next CFL coordinator?

  • The wolf and the butterfly during lockdown

    Christina Apostolidi is the author of the children’s story “The Wolf and the Butterfly”*. Here, she speaks of her experience during the Covid-19 lockdown and how it redefined her relationship with nature.

  • Lara Guide Dogs School lesson plan activity CFL

    Thank you Lara Guide Dogs School

    Heartfelt thanks to Lara Guide Dog School and Ioanna-Maria Gertsou for their help in translating and adapting ACTAsia‘s Caring for Life Education (CFL) lesson plan on disability, inclusion and emotional intelligence. This…