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  • 8+1 ways to teach empathy

    Empathy is a soft skill shaped by genetics (to a small extent) but primarily shaped by factors such as context and environment. It can be developed through our interaction with others.

  • It’s official: #WeAre1 expands empathy beyond the classroom

    New (published) research shows learning to care in the classroom leads to wider, empathic behaviours among primary children.

  • #WeAre1 through… the audio-visual experience!

    And finally through hard work, willingness and patience… it is here! The audio-visual material for #WeAre1 from OMÚ is ready and available to the teachers who have already trained, as well as the general public.

  • What is #Eimaste1?

    A new academic year,  With #Eimaste1! And… Critical thinking Cooperation Empathy Respect       Based on UNESCO’s 4 pillars of education and with recognition as UN Good Practices (helping to achieve the SDGs), #WeAreOne…

  • covid

    Three important lessons from Covid-19 that call for you to act now!

    Covid19 has hit the world and we need to learn from our mistakes. We need to review and change our behaviours and teach the next generations how to be better than we have been. Rooted in UNESCO’s 4 pillars of education and supporting the UN’s SDGs, Caring for Life Education curriculum teaches children HOW to think and not WHAT to think – it teaches kindness and respect to people, animals and the environment.

  • Petition everyone must sign!

    It doesn’t matter if you are a child or parent, into animal rights or human rights, believe in climate change or stand for LGBTQ rights… ‘Caring for Life’ Education teaches children HOW…

  • Lara Guide Dogs School lesson plan activity CFL

    Thank you Lara Guide Dogs School

    Heartfelt thanks to Lara Guide Dog School and Ioanna-Maria Gertsou for their help in translating and adapting ACTAsia‘s Caring for Life Education (CFL) lesson plan on disability, inclusion and emotional intelligence. This…