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  • #Eimaste1 aka #WeAre1 in…action!

    OMÚ’s first teacher training has concluded with resounding success, covering all 5 Subject Areas of #Eimaste1. Our pioneering and holistic curriculum for primary schools supports children in developing social-emotional intelligence, and can prevent violent behaviour and antisocial encounters.

  • jeans in box

    Sustainable Fashion – breaking the cycle of wardrobe waste

    There are many ways to participate in creating a more Caring Community. One of these involves helping you declutter! Working with Fabric Republic, we ensure that your unwanted clothes are put to good use!

  • One of the most important petitions to be signed. Now.

    We are demanding a U.N. resolution on prohibiting the exploitation of primary forests ravaged by fire and deforestation, as well as for the inclusion of all primary forests on the UNESCO World Heritage…

  • Office warming Crumb vegan wraps muffins


    The office warming event demonstrated that we will soon need a larger office space! So many people attending, such lovely gifts and more importantly: support for the challenging work we have ahead…