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  • Fur in schools…

    Culling at mink fur farms in Europe due to Covid-19, has been centerstage in the media recently. How is this connected to an education programme in Greece? Find out more!

  • effective

    An introduction to Effective Altruism

    Most of us want to make a difference. We see suffering, injustice and death, and are moved to do something about them. But working out what that ‘something’ is, let alone actually doing it, can be a difficult and disheartening challenge. Effective altruism is a response to this challenge.

  • The wolf and the butterfly during lockdown

    Christina Apostolidi is the author of the children’s story “The Wolf and the Butterfly”*. Here, she speaks of her experience during the Covid-19 lockdown and how it redefined her relationship with nature.

  • empathy_heart_hands

    Teaching empathy during the Covid-19 lockdown

    Some practical tips on how you can teach empathy to your children

  • covid

    Three important lessons from Covid-19 that call for you to act now!

    Covid19 has hit the world and we need to learn from our mistakes. We need to review and change our behaviours and teach the next generations how to be better than we have been. Rooted in UNESCO’s 4 pillars of education and supporting the UN’s SDGs, Caring for Life Education curriculum teaches children HOW to think and not WHAT to think – it teaches kindness and respect to people, animals and the environment.

  • Petition everyone must sign!

    It doesn’t matter if you are a child or parent, into animal rights or human rights, believe in climate change or stand for LGBTQ rights… ‘Caring for Life’ Education teaches children HOW…

  • girl and earth

    What happened in 2019

    At the end of December 2019, OMÚ celebrates its 1st Birthday and with it, a successful first year! Thank you all for your ongoing help and support and best wishes for 2020!

  • CFL Education intro presentation UNESCO

    File submission completed!

    The folder with all relevant materials of the Caring for Life Education lesson, has now been submitted to the Ministry of Education for review. If you are unsure of what CFL is,…

  • CFL Education Curriculum F&G cover

    Almost there…

    In order for the Ministry of Education to examine the lesson ‘Caring for Life Education’ (CFL), a folder with paperwork needs to be submitted. Apart from the obvious application forms, introductions and…

  • Lara Guide Dogs School lesson plan activity CFL

    Thank you Lara Guide Dogs School

    Heartfelt thanks to Lara Guide Dog School and Ioanna-Maria Gertsou for their help in translating and adapting ACTAsia‘s Caring for Life Education (CFL) lesson plan on disability, inclusion and emotional intelligence. This…