Caring for Life Education has been lauded by the UN with a second award. 

#WeAre1, implemented by OMÚ in Greece, was first introduced as Caring for Life Education in China by ACTAsia. In 2022 the program achieved international recognition by the UN for the second year running when UNESCO – the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization – praised the contribution of #Weare1 to its own mission to build peace through international education. This new social contract has made a brighter future for education in Greece a reality.

In 2021, Caring for Life Education and #WeAre1 was recognized by the UN for Good Practice, and in 2022 for its contribution to the Transforming Education Summit (TES), meeting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs*) in both cases.

The innovative program was first developed by an international team, who is key to its success in transforming education. The philosophy of #WeAre1 is based on the interdependence between all living beings and includes issues related to the environment, and human and animal welfare. It also promotes social well-being and civic education, while developing students’ critical thinking and emotional intelligence. It’s aimed at students, teachers and educational institutions with the purpose of helping them manage issues of a political, economic, environmental and humanitarian nature. Especially in recent decades, these matters have affected international society and raised new concerns for the next generation.

For every Ukraine, for every Alkis and Caroline, for every abused child… we must do all we can to prevent such atrocities from happening again.

Today more than ever, we need our children to acquire the ability to think critically and develop social and emotional intelligence; it’s essential they’re able to deal with the new challenges that emerge for global citizens. In 2021 a report by UNESCO outlined that significant changes are necessary within education. In accordance, #WeAre1 has introduced a new social contract based on the reinforcement of human rights, social justice, respect for life and diversity.

#WeAre1 is critical to education if we are to fulfill the objectives central to a healthy society. For a better future, for us and for our children. 

* The SDGs are a collection of 17 interrelated global goals designed to make a “plan for achieving a better and more sustainable future for all”. They were established in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are set to be implemented by 2030 (ACTAsia, 2021).