humane holiday

5 ways for an easily humane holiday

  1. Use sunscreen responsibly! Try not to lather yourself in a thick layer and then immediately jump into the sea. Sunscreen chemicals can be toxic to various types of marine life.
  2. Be demanding. NOT! Remember that staff are working long hours, often in hot climates on minimum wages and now have to wear gloves and masks in addition… be considerate when asking for something.
  3. Don’t turn your dog into a hot dog! Many of us will be taking our dogs on holiday – please do not leave them in a car as this can very quickly escalate to fatal heatstroke and if the sand/tarmac is too hot for your bare feet, consider your dog’s paw pads. 
  4. Be mindful of what you bring home with you! Avoiding questionable souvenirs such as shells, cat ornaments with real fur and goat horns. Charities have website pages to guide you but if in doubt, it is best not to buy.
  5. Choose local! Reduce your carbon footprint (and stay safer) by choosing to holiday closer to home this year. There are beautiful relaxing places everywhere so let’s practice being appreciative of what we have, thus exercising our emotional intelligence.  

The world is changing. Thank you for helping us make it a more caring one!